ms2html, html2ms – convert between troff's ms macros and html

ms2html [ –q ] [ –b basename ] [ –d delims ] [ –t title ]

Ms2html converts the ms(6) source on standard input into HTML and prints it to standard output. If the source contains tbl(1) or eqn input, you must first pipe the text through those preprocessors. Postscript images, equations, and tables will be converted to gif files. If the document has a .TL entry, its contents will be used as the title; otherwise ms2html will look for a ._T macro, unknown to ms(6), and take its value. Options are:
q   suppresses warnings about malformed input;
b   sets the HTML base name to basename;
d   sets the eqn(1) delimiters to delim;
t   sets the HTML title to title.

Html2ms reads HTML from standard input and converts it to ms(6) source on standard output.


htmlroff(1), ms(6)


Ms2html doesn't understand a number of troff commands. It does handle macros and defined strings.

Html2ms doesn't understand html tables.

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