mug – convert an image to a face icon

mug [ file ]

Mug reads a Plan 9 image(6) from file (or standard input if there is no file) and displays a working version of the icon a gray ramp, and a larger image (the `crop box'), all derived from file. Selecting Write from the button–3 menu will write the icon in face(6) format to standard output.

Imagine a 3x3 grid on the crop box. You can move an edge or corner of the box by putting the mouse in the corresponding section of the grid and dragging. Dragging in the middle box in the grid translates the crop box. The mouse cursor changes to tell you where you are.

The bar in the gray ramp controls the map from picture gray levels to the output levels. The values along the bar are mapped to 0 through 255 in the output. You can move the bar vertically by grabbing the midsection or adjust the width by grabbing an endpoint.

The current icon is shown in the bottom left corner, surrounded by eight small empty boxes. You can save the settings as they are by dragging the current icon into one of the other boxes. You can restore the settings by dragging an icon from one of the periphery boxes into the middle.

Convert a JPEG image into a face icon.
jpg –c plus.jpg | mug >plus.1

faces(1), jpg(1), face(6), image(6)
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