plot – graphics filter

plot [ file ... ]

Plot interprets plotting instructions (see plot(6)) from the files or standard input, drawing the results in a newly created rio(1) window. Plot persists until a newline is typed in the window. Various options may be interspersed with the file arguments; they take effect at the given point in processing. Options are: –d        Double buffer: accumulate the plot off–screen and write to the screen all at once when an erase command is encountered or at end of file.
e        Erase the screen.
c col     Set the foreground color (see plot(6) for color names).
f fill     Set the background color.
g grade   Set the quality factor for arcs. Higher grades give better quality.
p col     Set the pen color.
w        Pause until a newline is typed on standard input.
C        Close the current plot.
W    x0,y0,x1,y1
Specify the bounding rectangle of plot's window. By default it uses a 512x512 window in the middle of the screen.


rio(1), plot(6)
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