setupBFstate, bfCBCencrypt, bfCBCdecrypt, bfECBencrypt, bfECBdecrypt – blowfish encryption

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <mp.h>
#include <libsec.h>

void setupBFstate(BFstate *s, uchar key[], int keybytes,                  uchar *ivec)

void bfCBCencrypt(uchar *data, int len, BFstate *s)

void bfCBCdecrypt(uchar *data, int len, BFstate *s)

void bfECBencrypt(uchar *data, int len, BFstate *s)

void bfECBdecrypt(uchar *data, int len, BFstate *s)


Blowfish is Bruce Schneier's symmetric block cipher. It supports variable length keys from 32 to 448 bits and has a block size of 64 bits. Both CBC and ECB modes are supported.

setupBFstate takes a BFstate structure, a key of at most 56 bytes, the length of the key in bytes, and an initialization vector of 8 bytes (set to all zeroes if argument is nil). The encryption and decryption functions take a BFstate structure, a data buffer, and a length, which must be a multiple of eight bytes as padding is currently unsupported.


mp(2), aes(2), des(2), dsa(2), elgamal(2), rc4(2), rsa(2), sechash(2), prime(2), rand(2)
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