isalpharune, isbaserune, islowerrune, isspacerune, istitlerune, isupperrune, isdigitrune, tobaserune, tolowerrune, totitlerune, toupperrune – Unicode character classes and cases

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>

int isalpharune(Rune c)

int isbaserune(Rune c)

int islowerrune(Rune c)

int isspacerune(Rune c)

int istitlerune(Rune c)

int isupperrune(Rune c)

int isdigitrune(Rune c)

Rune tobaserune(Rune c)

Rune tolowerrune(Rune c)

Rune totitlerune(Rune c)

Rune toupperrune(Rune c)

These routines examine and operate on Unicode characters, in particular a subset of their properties as defined in the Unicode standard. Unicode defines some characters as alphabetic and specifies three cases: upper, lower, and title. Analogously to ctype(2) for ASCII, these routines test types and modify cases for Unicode characters. The names are self–explanatory.

The case–conversion routines return the character unchanged if it has no case.


ctype(2), The Unicode Standard.
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