time, nsec – time in seconds and nanoseconds since epoch

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>

long time(long *tp)

vlong nsec(void)

Both time and nsec return the time since the epoch 00:00:00 GMT, Jan. 1, 1970. The return value of the former is in seconds and the latter in nanoseconds. For time, if tp is not zero then *tp is also set to the answer.

Times from time should be stored in and treated as ulongs; this extends the range of valid times into the year 2106.

Time simply calls nsec and returns the value divided by 1000000000.

Nsec is a system call. Previous implementations read /dev/bintime, opening that file when first called, and maintaining a static file descriptor; however, the maintenance of file descriptors in the face of process forks is overly complex and prone to error.


cputime(2), cons(3)

Sets errstr.
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