vtzerotruncate, vtzeroextend, vtzeroscore – Venti block truncation

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <venti.h>

uint vtzerotruncate(int type, uchar *buf, uint size)

void vtzeroextend(int type, uchar *buf, uint size, uint newsize)

extern uchar vtzeroscore[VtScoreSize];

These utility functions compute how to truncate or replace trailing zeros (for data blocks) or trailing zero scores (for pointer blocks) to canonicalize the blocks before storing them to Venti.

Vtzerotruncate returns the size of the size–byte buffer pointed to by buf ignoring trailing zeros or zero scores, according to the given type.

Vtzeroextend pads buf with zeros or zero scores, according to the given type, to grow it from size bytes to newsize bytes.

Vtzeroscore is the score of the zero–length block.


venti(2), venti(6)
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