Acme Wiki instructions

If you want to access this site using Acme, have a look at /acme/wiki/guide. Depending on your local installation, this should give you a good start.

You can execute the following line to import the wiki,

Local srv net!!wiki wiki /mnt/wiki

and then to start the Acme wiki client, execute

Wiki /mnt/wiki/

The browser should be fairly intuitive given familiarity with acme.

To follow wiki links, right-click page names inside square brackets: sandbox.

You can edit any wiki page, then click Put in the acme tag to save your changes to the server.

To add a new wiki page, click New in the acme tag, then type the title in the first line of the resulting window, followed by a newline, then your content for the new page. Use Wiki syntax for formatting. If you are familiar with other wikis, note in particular that this is not Markdown (although see Replace language for wikifs).

You may need to add the following line to /lib/ndb/common to define the default wiki file service TCP port:

tcp=wiki port=17035

though this is defined in the distributed /lib/ndb/common for several years now. You may wish to edit 'case wiki' in /bin/9fs to simplify connecting.


Command line wiki instructions

acme(1), wikifs(4)