plumb – send message to plumber

plumb [ –p plumbfile ] [ –a attributes ] [ –s source ] [ –d destination ] [ –t type ] [ –w directory ] –i | data...

The plumb command formats and sends a plumbing message whose data is, by default, the concatenation of the argument strings separated by blanks. The options are:
p    write the message to plumbfile (default /mnt/plumb/send).
a    set the attr field of the message (default is empty).
s    set the src field of the message (default is plumb).
d    set the dst field of the message (default is empty).
t    set the type field of the message (default is text).
w    set the wdir field of the message (default is the current working directory of plumb).
i    take the data from standard input rather than the argument strings. If an action= attribute is not otherwise specified, plumb will add an action=showdata attribute to the message.

/usr/$user/lib/plumbing   default rules file
/mnt/plumb               mount point for plumber(4).


plumb(2), plumber(4), plumb(6)
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